The Studio

Perfectly Inked is an East Nashville based studio dedicated to providing our clients with superior service. Our studio is cute, cozy, and inviting. From the moment a client walks in, we are diligently working to provide the best experience possible. We offer several different permanent methods and we are sure to have an option that will work for you. Please check out our info tab to find out what might be the perfect method for you!

About the Owner


My love for brows runs deep. I started shaping my own brows at a very young age and never looked back. It wasn’t long before I was being asked to shape brows for my family and friends. I continued doing this for years. For FREE. I was so focused on the joy that shaping brows gave me that money wasn’t ever a thought. But as time progressed, I wanted more. I had been in a career that I wasn’t pleased with for over 10 years.

I needed a change; a fresh start. In the past I had never thought of ‘shaping brows’ as a career but I began to dream of doing the one thing I loved so much and it just made sense. Thus, Perfectly Ink was born. A place where I not only get to immensely enjoy what I do but I also get to help women from all over deal with one of the main beauty concerns that exists today; great brows.



I began my journey at the Aveda Institute where I obtained my esthetics license. It was here that the foundation of waxing and tinting brows was laid. I became a certified microblading artist (one of my proudest moments) under Everlasting Brows. I then went on to study under some of the most sought out permanent makeup and brow shaping artists including:


Brow Expert- Kristyl Bell
Brows by Kristyl- Louisville, KY


Permanent Brow Artist- Val Ross
Metier by Val Ross- Houston, TX


Permanent Brow Artist- Leann La
Fuzion Artistry- Huntington Beach, CA


Phibrows Royal Artist- Trish Thao D
Trish Microblading- Lauderhill, FL

I strongly believe in on-going education. The world of permanent makeup is ever changing, and one cannot learn or fully grasp all concepts of microblading in one setting. Thus, is why I am committed to advance trainings and learning new techniques. My love for this industry has no doubt made me a lifetime learner. I will always strive to provide my clients with the latest and most up to date practices.


I don't care if you're an old friend or you found me by searching on the internet, I feel honored each time I am trusted to use my expertise to turn eyebrows into a masterpiece.
I love my job and I take the trust people place in me very seriously and I strive to offer the best microblading in Nashville. I would never do anything to someone else’s face that I wouldn’t do to my own.

For that reason, I sought out the best training to ensure that I gained the necessary knowledge and experience to develop exceptional microblading skills.
My work is driven by my passion to promote all forms of beauty, and in doing so I promise you will never get anything less than my absolute best. I can’t wait to meet you!